Enforced explanation and warning

Unfortunatelly, I am not part of the exhibition Time Travelers: Time Based Art Show in Chicago. I feel emberessed over the fact that I will not be in an exhibition which I told many people I would participate. I want to say sorry to you all and want you to know why this happened.

I found out that I am not one of the participants after that I informed many people by email, interviews and my blogg. This has come like a bad surprice to me since I sincerely believed this nonprofessional curators (Amelia Winger-Bearskin) personal invitation to me to participate her exhibition was serious. She received all material for the exhibition from me and all aggrements were done.

I checked out the gallery website of curiosity and got a chock by the artist-list that not included me. Apparently she had changed her mind without informing me and when I required an explanation, she made things even worse by saying that it was just an missunderstanding and that I was not going to be in the exhibition. I could maybe accept the fact that she changed her mind without informing me but telling me that I missunderstood things really made me angry and dissapointed of this arrogant treatment.

Allthough I have all the documents and rights on my side, I have decided not to go on with this struggle but I still believe that it’s my duty to inform and warn artists that may co-work with this nonprofessional curator (Amelia Winger-Bearskin) in the future.